A selection of free websites for young children learning French. These include:

Review the sites before using them in your primary classroom and take care to supervise children online. For helpful advice, read Becta’s guidelines on e-safety

English language websites
  • BBC Family French 
    Games and activities with basic French vocabulary for families to play together.
  • BBC Primary French 
    Interactive activities for primary French from BBC Schools. Based around beginners’ topics, the site includes animations, printable worksheets and a teacher’s area with advice on using the site.
  • BBC Schools - Parents 
    BBC Schools website for parents. Search across BBC sites to find games, activities and worksheets to support learning languages at home.
  • Chez Mimi
    Interactive games for young learners based on the Channel 4 series. The Teachers’ Notes provides guidance on how to use the website in the classroom.

French language websites
  • Belette
    Animated website with games, ecards, songs, stories, ideas for makes and recipes.
  • Chez Lorry
    Pictures to print and colour, recipes, alphabet vocabulary lists, ideas for makes and short stories.
  • Chez Merlin
    Interactive activities for maths, French (as a first language) and general knowledge, arranged by three levels of difficulty.
  • Coloriage
    Interactive colouring website with French colour vocabulary
  • Ecole Plus
    Website for French teachers with songs, images, rhymes, worksheets and a lists of schools in Francophone countries.
  • Edunet
    French network site linking schools and teachers in different projects and activities.
  • L'envolerie
    Online colouring and games based around the alphabet
  • Henrides
    French songs
  • Internet sans crainte 
    EU supported project to provide parents and young French people with information about safe use of the internet
  • Je dessine
    Colouring sheets, craft ideas for festivals and activities sorted by age group
  • Kidcity
    A cybertown for children, where each building contains a different activity or game.
  • La semaine du Goût
    French website to accompany the annual celebration of French food, during which time chefs visit schools across France to children about food and cooking.
  • Les couleurs de l'orchestre
    French site for learning about the orchestra. Names the instruments and has related games and activities.
    French songs, rhymes and stories
  • PrimLangues
    French Ministry of Education site for primary school teachers of foreign languages. Includes resources for Arabic, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.
  • Takatrouver
    Information for French teachers including lists of schools with videoconferencing facilities, locations for school trips, rated websites, activities and recipes.
  • Tête à modeler
    Craft activities for 3-12 year olds based around different themes with descriptions of the skills they are intended to develop
  • Tomlitoo
    Craft activities and recipes based around a variety of themes and topics
  • TV5 Jeunesse
    Interactive children’s website from the French TV station
  • Webmômes
    Craft activities, games and puzzles all based on art and artists.
Commonly-used search engines
  • Languages Work
  • lingu@net europa
  • Languages ICT
  • Vocational Languages Resource Bank