Key Stage 2 language learning pathfinders

Following the launch of the National Languages Strategy, the DfES established 19 Key Stage 2 languages Local Authority ‘Pathfinders’ to investigate the most effective ways of delivering and sustaining the entitlement. These ran from September 2003 to July 2005.

Several organisations, including CILT, monitored and evaluated their work:

DfES Evaluation of Key Stage 2 language learning pathfinders

The University of Warwick was commissioned by the DCSF to carry out an evaluation of these Pathfinders. You can access their report, case studies from the project and the original research brief at Pathfinders DCSF Research gateway.

CILT survey of pathfinders

In 2006, CILT hosted a series of regional briefings in the nine regions of England to discuss implementing the Key Stage 2 entitlement with Local Authorities. During these briefings it became clear that different Local Authorities and regions were using different strategies to develop primary languages.

As a result, CILT carried out a survey of the 19 DfES Local Authority Pathfinders and an additional 12 Local Authorities identified by Lid King, the National Director for Languages.

The aim was to build up a picture of the strategies employed by different Local Authorities across the country who were already well-established in their provision of primary languages in order to provide others with valuable information to refer to when working towards implementing the entitlement themselves.


Ofsted evaluation of pathfinders

Ofsted also carried out a survey based on inspections in the Pathfinder schools. Read Ofsted's report at Policy - Ofsted evaluations.

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